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NSRT Family

NSRT Family is an empowering program designed to unite families through the transformative benefits of Nervous System Regulation Therapy (NSRT). This innovative initiative equips you and your family with the knowledge and tools necessary for familial healing. NSRT Family guides you in making health-enhancing choices for a more enriched daily life, offering a comprehensive home study with step-by-step instructions. To ensure your comfort and mastery of the techniques at home, the program includes follow-up visits, making the journey towards holistic well-being a collaborative and supportive family experience.

NSRT Emotional

NSRT Emotional employs cutting-edge technology rooted in Nervous System Regulation Therapy (NSRT) to discern and address emotional patterns deeply embedded in the body. This advanced approach targets disruptions in higher brain functioning, releasing their impact on the physical body. Upon identification, these interferences are systematically updated, enabling the body to operate from a positive and liberated standpoint, free from the constraints of past experiences. This hands-on procedure typically spans 15 to 30 minutes, offering a concise yet impactful intervention to foster emotional well-being and resilience.

NSRT Physical

NSRT Physical, grounded in the principles of Nervous System Regulation Therapy (NSRT), provides prompt relief from symptoms using a scientific foundation. Through gentle pressure contact, this modality efficiently updates patterns of stress and discomfort associated with both acute and chronic conditions. Administered with clients in a prone position, individuals often report immediate relief from symptoms, embracing a painless and integrated approach to health and wellness.

This methodology seeks to address the root causes of physical distress, offering not just temporary alleviation but a sustainable path to improved well-being.

NSRT Animals

As much as your family holds immense value, and you would go to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, the animals in your care merit equal attention. Enter the NSRT Animal System – a gateway to minimising veterinarian visits, optimizing performance, promoting healthier digestion, enhancing disposition, and ultimately contributing to a happier, healthier, and longer life for your cherished animal companions. With the transformative benefits of Nervous System Regulation Therapy, your animals can thrive, enjoying a holistic approach to well-being that prioritises their health and happiness.

NSRT Executives


The vitality and happiness of employees are foundational to the realisation of your organisational vision, mission, strategy, and core values. Without prioritising the fundamental well-being of your workforce, achieving corporate objectives becomes an insurmountable challenge. Many companies overlook wellness in their pursuit of strategy, but leading organisations recognise the pivotal role of employee well-being. NSRT Executives aims to integrate wellness into your corporate ethos, specifically focusing on SPP – Stress Reduction, a Proactive Wellness Culture, and Productivity Enhancement.

By fostering a sound company culture that prioritises employee health through Nervous System Regulation Therapy, the result is heightened productivity, increased profits, and the overall success of your organisational vision.

What type of company are you?

One that understands the significance of employee well-being as the cornerstone of achievement.

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