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W.I.S.E Family

Bringing families together......

W.I.S.E Family is an inspiring program that provides you with the information and tools you need to heal your family. W.I.S.E Family delivers you and your family the health-enhancing choices to make each day to live a more enriched life.   This includes an step-by-step home study and follow up visit to ensure you are comfortable with the technique at home.

W.I.S.E Emotional

Identify emotional patterns

W.I.S.E Emotional utilises the advanced technology developed to update higher brain interference from expression in the physical body. Once identified the interference is updated which allows the body to function on positive situations rather than past experiences. This is a hands-on procedure that usually takes between 5 - 15 minutes.

W.I.S.E Physical

Immediate relief from symptoms

W.I.S.E Physical is based on scientific principles and using light pressure contact, W.I.S.E updates patterns of stress and discomfort which have been surfacing in both acute or chronic conditions. Administered in the prone positions clients often experience immediate relief from symptoms and completely enjoy the painless approach to health and wellness.

W.I.S.E Animals

Just as your family is worth everything to you, and you would do anything to keep them safe and healthy, the animals in your life deserve the same,         with the W.I.S.E Animal System, your animals can enjoy fewer trips to the veterinarian, better performance, healthier digestion, improved disposition, and happier, healthier and longer life. 

W.I.S.E Executives


Employees have to be healthy & happy; without this basic fundamental feeling achieving your vision, mission, strategy and core values are impossible. If you get the basics right, you can achieve anything you want, most ordinary companies skip wellness and go to the strategy, whereas leading companies prioritise wellness and employee happiness, what type of company are you?

Our goal with W.I.S.E Executives is SPP - Lower STRESS by having wellness on board, develop a sound company culture that supports this. PRODUCTIVITY increases and PROFITS and Success is the result as you achieve your vision. 

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